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My entry for the Dracula-Jam. 

This is a restructuring/hack for Liminal Horror. This hack reimagines the framing of the game to be a world where Dracula is in a constant battle against the Old Powers from beyond. You are still investigators that slowly get changed by your exposure to the abyss, but this time it is at the behest of your Dread-Lord Dracula.

In this rewrite I leaned into the silliness/humor that having Dracula be your boss and having him obsess with stopping The Thing/Indeterminant Old Powers/Cthulhu in order to maintain his own status. You could play it completely serious, or lean into the camp and juxtaposition that is Dracula vs. Cosmic Horror.

Pages that Were Changed from the Original Text

  • (pg. 3) changed to Dracula Vs. Modern Horror" to include framing for Dracula as patron.
  • (pg. 4-5) Principals for Facilitators and Players to include references to Dracula.
  • (pg. 7) Dracula: This is where you create what type of Dracula you have (either choosing an archetype or creating your own from Dracula traits)
  • (pg. 8) Dracula's Patronage: This is where you determine the party's relationship to Dracula (one of the most important additions)

All text is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.  Interior images are public domain. That means you can use/steal/hack up/repurpose any aspect of this work and give it away (or sell it). All you need to do is give appropriate attribution. If you like the Patronage table (or Dracula traits) then use it for your own Dracula hack!


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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This is great!  Fangs a lot!