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The Mall is available in print from Exalted Funeral!

The Mall is a wet, gooey, practical effects filled TTRPG adventure set in a 199x mall pulled out of time and space. The mall’s denizens are trapped inside with a creature not bound by any one form. It slithers among them now, preparing to assimilate and imitate its victims until no one is left and it can open a rift between its home dimension…AND EARTH!



The following soundtrack was made using the premise: What if there was an alternate universe  Yellowjackets/Fear Street style mini-series for The Mall.

What's in THE MALL:

  • THE MALL is a pdf of a complete adventure module for Liminal Horror. 
  • Custom Mall Character Creation:
  • The Drifting Mall: Events throw the mall out of reality, trapping PCs inside. 
  • Children of [redacted]: The mall is filled with a quickly propagating "monster" that has the ability to change forms and assume/replace characters. Flesh and fungus body horror is abound as the Children grow in number, assimilating and consuming the denizens of the mall.
  • Descending Into Chaos: As the reality of being trapped in the mall with a monster that can look like anyone sinks in, the population of the mall fractures in their response to the crisis at hand. 
  • Whisper Cards: A new mechanic created for THE MALL. These tiered prompt cards are given out at triggers and help reinforce the horror-movie themes of the game. The more  cards a player recieves, the more likely they are to be REPLACED. 
  • DOOM Clock: This is a sequence of events that will happen if the players do nothing (or go their own course). It compiles the motivations of different variables within the module and helps keep events moving toward DOOM. 
  • Factions: The Mall has 14 named NPCs (as well as random denizens and those created by players). There are also factions that have drives. They can be interacted with or completely ignored by the party, but they will continue to plot and strive to achieve their goals.
  • Locations:  There are 23 keyed locations in a massive multi-floored map (based on my local mall, The Lloyd Center). The mall was built over an old mining operation, and as such there is an additional [redacted]
  • Encounter and Nightmare Tables: There is content abound to help the Facilitator ratchet up the tension as players struggle to survive in the mall. LIMINAL HORROR (TTRPG )

The Mall is an official adventure module for Liminal Horror (a modern hack of Cairn), it is a rules-lite, fail forward TTRPG system.  The core rules can be accessed a few different ways:



What about a physical version? Coming Soon 

  • A print run of The Mall will be happening for Exalted Funeral's Summer Sale (approximately July 11th). You can snag a copy of The Mall, along with Liminal Horror and another module: The Bureau.


Content Warning

This module has the following content warnings for death, human sacrifice, hallucinations, drugs, people trapped/imprisonment, instances of self-inflicted harm, temporal disorientation, and body horror (bones and foreign objects breaking through skin, unwilling bodily transformation, bodily disfigurement). 


Get this ttrpg adventure module and 3 more for $25.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
40% Off
$12.50 $7.50 USD or more

In order to download this ttrpg adventure module you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

The Mall digital pdf.pdf 9 MB
The Mall Character Creation (1).pdf 121 kB
Player Handout. Map and Personel list (1).pdf 993 kB
Digital Whisper Cards Instructions.pdf 11 kB
the-mall-whisper-cards (1).pcio 602 kB
The Mall digital at home printing booklet.pdf 11 MB
The Mall digital at home printing booklet duplex.pdf 11 MB

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Will there be another print run of The Mall? 

there should be some more copies being shipped over from the uk/eu (hopefully I’ll get an update soon on those). After those get sold out we’ll be doing another run! Hopefully not too much longer until they get back in stock!

That’s awesome! That’s the only one I’m missing, and it just cannot be found in the US right now lol

Tik Tok Review

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The Mall one-shot actual play

(2 edits)

My local crew played through The Mall and we had a good time.  The concept of the Whisper Cards eluded us so I simply excised them from the adventure; there were enough thrills and surprises with monsters run amok, negotiating with NPCs, Stress Fallout effects, etc. that we did not need the Whisper Cards.  Also, I'd recommend having a list of 20 or so defunct mall store brands, so when your character says, "I follow the kid into the store on the left," you can quickly say "OK! It's a Sam Goody music store!" rather than simply "the store on the left."  This immediately adds flavor and gives the players a mental picture of where they are.   Overall we had a lot of fun surviving the Mall gone crazy and then getting to the root of the madness.  We ended The Mall by A) getting to the heart of the madness and shutting it down, and B) having The Mall swarmed by agents from The Bureau (another Liminal Horror adventure).  Our characters from The Mall will now be recruited into the Bureau.

Here is the trailer for The Mall