Digital Whisper Cards (and layout dev)

I was able to create a digital version of the Whisper Cards that uses

You just upload the file and it creates a table you can use (and customize). It has the three decks you progress through (and you are able to increase the frequency of Replaced cards as well). This means that you can keep the content of the cards a complete mystery (which is the preferred method).

Instructions (a pdf is included with these instructions)

1. Download the-mall-whisper-cards.pcio

2. Go to Virtual Tabletop

3. Scroll down to [Import a Game File]

4. Drag or select the-mall-whisper-cards.pcio to create a new game using those files.

Note: Room Expires after 30 days of Activity

  • The top right corner of the popout has the room code that you share with your friends.
  • Click enter to start the game.
  • There are 3 decks to be used sequentially.
  • The box at the bottom is a player’s hand (it keeps the card hidden from others).
  • You can click the toolbox to adjust the number of cards in each deck (and increase the frequency of Replaced cards).
  • The fourth deck is for when players make it to the portal.
  • It shuffles each deck upon creation, but if you add cards you can click the number in the top left corner to shuffle.
  • The first deck does not have a Replaced card.

I have also been making progress on the layout. Here are some test pages:


Digital Whisper Cards Instructions.pdf 11 kB
Apr 02, 2022
the-mall-whisper-cards (1).pcio 602 kB
Apr 02, 2022

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